To you, the one who will eventually make my heart skip a beat again

Erm… hello… hi!

It is me, writing to you although at this point, as we are still strangers. Well this is awkward because I don’t think we have met. Or have we? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I hope you’re doing well.

I don’t know how we’ll meet but I’m sure you’re pretty dang special. To be absolutely honest, I have never dated just some random ordinary guy. You must have something that I adore or look up to so much that I decide to stick with you.

Now, I think that both of us will know that starting a romantic relationship can be easy, but staying in it is damn hard by the time we meet. I sincerely wish I’m not the first girl you love. I hope that you have been in love, broken up with, and gotten someone else’s heart broken prior to meeting me. I also hope that you have tasted both the sweetness and the sour, and been through both the highs and the lows.

I’m sure I might look like the easiest girl to be in a relationship with at first. And being with me, you might think I’d never leave. Yes, I know I can give such an impression. But believe me, I’m really… not. I can be very clingy and needy at times but when I’m gone, I’m gone. It can be very fast, in a blink of an eye. When that happens, you’ll never see me or hear about me ever again.

I personally think that I’m a very affectionate person to my romantic partner. I’ll show you that you’re loved and truly cared for. What is kinda great about me is with me, you’ll never feel that you’re short of attention. I’ll always look at you lovingly like you’re the most perfect creature I’ve ever come across although you’re full of flaws. I’ll take care of you and always enjoy your company. I’ll always be engaged in our conversations. I’ll try to be everything that you need, be and look my best around you. It’ll never be a down day as long as my heart is still in it.

I don’t know if I’ll meet all of your expectations but I hope that you’ll meet mine. Well, maybe not 100%, but hopefully 85% and up? *wink wink. Well, if I ever decide to give love a another try, might as well shoot for the star right?

My darling, please tell me you have ticked most of these following pointers. I have never done this before, so you should feel privileged that I have clear criteria and somewhat an anticipated job description for you.

  • You don’t have to be the most good looking guy out there. But please be well groomed. Do something with your hair, wear clean clothes, dress for the occasion and smell AMAZING. Believe me, if you smell really good, it’ll do you wonders. Invest in some deodorant, some sexy cologne and fresh smelling detergent/fabric softener. I’ll be addicted to you in no time.
  • I don’t really have any preference when it comes to age. But no matter how old you are, I hope that you’re way more exposed/knowledgeable than me in whatever field that may interest you. It can be an instrument, a sport that you like/good at, knowing a lot of geeky facts, a love for astronomy and science, or that you’ve been to a lot of places that you can’t wait to share with me all about them. Oh how I love to be educated by my man. I’m always attracted to a man with a passion/hobby. I promise I’ll be the next best thing to your best guy friend/co-worker who genuinely enjoys spending time with you on the things that you like. You don’t have to go clothes shopping or wait for me to get my hair/nails done because I prefer to do those things alone, at my own pace and time. But I’ll sit through the movie that you like, watch you play video games, quitely observe you when you’re working on something on your computer, or watch you do whatever you like to do with utmost admiration. You have no idea. I’m great like that when it comes to patience with my loved one.
  • I hope that you’re a man of… well, experience. I hope that you have a smile that me go crazy no matter where we are, on the crowded street, on a beach, when we go trekking early in the morning, in a bar or alone back in your bedroom after a night out (please for heaven’s sake, please have your own place or at least share with roommates, not parents when we’re together).
  • I hope that you know how to treat and touch a woman. I hope that you sound so sexy as you do when we’re alone.
  • Be polite and kind. Don’t be an ass but also don’t try to be everyone’s superman and some crowd pleaser. I dread the people’s guy a lot. Live for yourself a little. And make me feel like the only girl in the world.
  • You can cuss at some lunatic driver on the street, and when we joke (and mess) around in a moderate and socially acceptable manner. I don’t mind.
  • I really like to hold hands. I’m not so much of a kissy gal (come to think about it later, I am a kissy gal!), but I REALLY like to hold hands. And I always enjoy a hot & steamy making out session on the couch. I’m also quite lovey dovey, and can be aroused very easily if you know what I mean.
  • We might not have the same taste in music and movies but I hope that we’ll always enjoy listening to music and “netflix and chill” together. You don’t have to take me to fancy dinners, we can always stay in and cook. If you can cook, it’ll be great but if you can’t, it is alright. You don’t have to have a flashy car. I’ll like it much better when I can sing at the top of my lungs when you’re driving highways by highways and smile patiently in your practical SUV. My most ideal Friday night out is staying in, ordering Mexican food and watch some random show together in bed, my head on your shoulders and I’ll probably doze off after the first 15 minutes into whatever we’re watching.
  • Please have an extra comfy bed, noise-cancelling windows and good blinds in your bedroom.
  • Please force/motivate me to be more active and exercise because despite liking pretty hardcore outdoorsy activities, I’m the worst when it comes to exercising. And I want to eat a lot of good food with you.
  • It’ll be a plus point if you love coffee as much as I do. There’s nothing sweeter to me than knowing exactly what to order for me in a coffee shop, and always remember to bring my tumbler, because you’re caring and observant and environmentally friendly like that. And you KNOW I love all things caffeine. Occasionally, take me somewhere nice and convince me to drink a cocktail and we can do the thing that you like all night long later. Haha. Sorry I really have to laugh out loud at this.
  • You don’t have to be so fit but I LOVE me some strong & toned arms. I LOVE to hold onto my man’s arm when I sleep.
  • Be very literate. This is a MUST. I can’t deal with any less when it comes to this. Knowledge is very veryyyyy important.
  • I know a man of actions is very desirable, but if you’re a man of words too… Blow me away by a sexy note that you leave me. I don’t need no designer bags or jewelry, but a heart-felt playlist, a book, my favorite food… those simple things that you do to show me that you care are very much appreciated.
  • Please love to travel as much as I do. Take me places, show me new things, be a practical do-er to my planner’s nature. Let’s explore the world out there together.
  • Please enjoy watching late night/satire tv shows as much as I do. Isn’t the best sitting on the couch in our pjs, unwinding, laughing and being informed to the magic of Colbert, Oliver, Meyers, Trevor Noah or the silly ones of Fallon and Corden.
  • And smell really really good. Oh wait, I’ve already mentioned that right?
  • Be present when we’re together. And enjoy every moment like it’s the last night we’re together. I won’t bore you with my problems and I hope you do the same. We can share, but let’s leave it as just that. Of course I’d appreciate when my man saves the day and be my strength/problem-solver but I really hope that we’ll be truly drama-free.
  • Be sure to let me know that you care, and are crazy about me. That will make me one very happy woman. And you one very lucky man.
  • Be patient with me when I don’t know something or when I don’t get you but don’t be patient with my bullshit. Let me know when I’m in too deep or think too much about something.
  • Let’s take a little extra long in the morning before getting out of bed to cuddle. Morning cuddles are the best!
  • What you do at your own time is yours only. Don’t tell me all the naughty little things that you do or that pretty girl that you were eyeing early. I don’t deal so well with jealousy.
  • Tell me what to do at times, ‘cus you have that power over me.
  • Be a sexy slow R&B jam to my ever over-hyped and boring ass pop music.

Well, let’s just keep my list at just this. I’ll make sure to add in more when I remember anything important for preferred.

I think you can kind of guess what I’ve mentioned above are the things that I like/don’t like  about my past relationships. I don’t know. Either you can keep in mind those pointers or you can entirely sweep out all my history and create brand new experience, and blow me away with your freshness.

I may want kids with you if you’re the father that I want my children to have. I’ve never felt that way with anyone before, which made me dread the idea so much.

I may want to go out a lot more with you although I’m the most anti social introvert out there if you know how to engage me in public affairs.

I may want to come home to your mom’s cooking if she has the kindest and welcoming voice and gestures, and not at all judgmental. I know I’ll be just as lovely and more to her. I will make sure to observe my own set of parents. Let’s keep them out of the picture if any of us senses any form of discomfort. To this day, I have figured out that it is OK to keep your parents/partner separate for the sake of peace and harmony. It’ll be wonderful if you like my parents and I like yours, but if not, let’s just keep it as that. We’ll behave, and act respectful – and that’s enough.

Be well until we get to meet OK.

I can’t wait to call you babe, laugh with you, share many good meals and be held so tight in your arms as I slowly fall asleep.

I love you, whoever you are and whenever you are now.

You might not be able to restore my faith in true love, but please pretty please, show me a good time and create lots of memories together.

Make me feel that newness, and be a presence that I can be so familiar with and comfortable around.

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