In the spirit of Thanksgiving

Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. Homemade Italian coffee, Americano style in the morning
  2. Mom’s awesome home-cooked food
  3. Crystal blue sky above my head
  4. Goat milk yogurt that doesn’t make my tummy ache
  5. Making my best friend feel a little better
  6. Texting my ex a random thought, strictly as a friend, and without feeling super weird or uncomfortable
  7. Writing about another ex with nothing but loving memories
  8. Free flow of clean, fresh, drinkable water
  9. Listening to Grace Helbig’s new podcast while taking shower
  10. The idea of watching “The last week tonight show with John Oliver”
  11. Learning the definition of “conspicuous consumption” from watching Hasan Minhaj’s “The patriot act” show on Netflix. Talking about making “Netflix and chill” time educational!
  12. My favorite self-made playlist on Spotify, and discovering the oh-so-beautiful song called “Iris” by Kina Grannis
  13. Waiting for the 2 books that I just ordered a few days ago to come
  14. Searching everywhere for this poetry book I want called “The sun and her flowers” – the thing is that I want the hard copy. But if nothing works, I’ll just buy the Kindle version, no problem.
  15. Benjamin Kheng – he has such a special singing voice, and danggggg… he’s cute. My kinda cute, not the Noah Centineo’s kinda cute although I do think that he’s adorable. And just in case you don’t know who Ben is, below are his pictures. Oh my gawd, I’mma trap his ass *in Ali Wong’s voice if heaven falls and I get to. Our babies will be super cute, there I say it. Totally obsessed.


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