You’re all cleared, please proceed!

(A little white rose from my Mom’s garden – taken by me this morning)

I like chocolate sweet but not sweetened soy milk sweet

I always cook everything with a pinch of sugar

I’ve been told I can be too sweet it’s hard to bare

So though I can imagine all the fun things we could do together

But for the first time ever, I like someone too much.

That I don’t want to risk any second liking you any less.

I like your little quirks, how you sound stuffy at times,

I like your smile lines, and how you can’t focus when you’re sleepy,

I like how you always seem to be less charming around me,

And how I only find you silly and adorable, the puppy kind.

I’m proceeding with caution, that’s very unlike me

Usually I’d just jump right in, head first.

We’ve known each other for a while now.

It’s been both a whirlwind ride and empty roads

There’s always a line that I still refuse to cross, I don’t know why

But you’ve been patient, or hopeless? Still, I’m grateful.

I’m getting to know you like I was getting to know coffee

I’m starting with the white chocolate mocha kinda you,

Before I decide if I like you  in triple shot, three cups per day.

It takes time, but I promise it’ll be all worth the wait.

December 12, 2018

I mean, not like you’ve never showed up at my work unannounced, straight from the airport

With a bag of Hersheys’ kisses, and the the cutest shy smile that left me speechless

Or we haven’t just left town together just to watch a movie and fell asleep next to each other

Or I’ve never been in your arms, cuddled by the warmest embrace

I hope it’s not 4 years too late that I’ve come to accept that I like you, too, and a lot.

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