He “deserves” this too (I hope)

“he asked me what I do”
I tell him I worked for the world’s number 1 forwarder
that has branches in 73 countries and—
“he stops me midsentence”
no not what you to do to be socially accepted and make your parents proud
“what drives you crazy
what keeps you up at night”

“I tell him I write
he asks me to show him something”
I dig out a dusty HTML link that no one knows
placed it in front of his eyes
like Rupi Kaur took the tips of her fingers
placed them inside her man’s forearm
“goose bumps rise to the surface”

I could tell his heart skipped a bit
his eyes lighted up
“as if I’m the reason”
for making them sparkle
“I break gaze just as”
his words that read “I’m so proud of you”
and then it was my heart’s turn to skip a beat
these words I have been waiting for all my life

“so that’s why you do”
“you command the feeling of” being adored, and cutesy, and uplifting words
“my cheeks flush as”
I smile from ear to ear
I’ve been doing it all my life
And you’re the muse behind some of my best pieces


A work by me, inspired by my most favorite Rupi Kaur’s poem in “Milk and honey” (2015)
January18, 19
words in ” ” are Rupi’s, the rest are mine
the feelings and passion we shared, Rupi’s and mine, collide

One thought on “He “deserves” this too (I hope)

  1. Many ways you been expressed!
    To me.
    Greatest gift of it all!
    Now I knew that
    My soulmate been fulfill
    By the one whos enough

    I am happy
    truly  deeply 
    Observed it in the distance
    Is safe for both souls.

    I was the one with no past
    Now proundly wearing some
    Started with this bitter sweet
    Crossed in this soul !

    Liked by 1 person

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