Let’s be honest

Bali 2017.jpg

Taken in Bali, when I was there in 2017. And he – the one this poem is dedicated to, was with me. Wouldn’t be a birthday of someone I’m with if I don’t make a huge fuss over nothing, and I certainly did with his.

But the next morning, he took my hands and walked with me to see the lagoon in front of your resort and we took a dip together. I laughed, and he looked at my so dearly. All the tears and dramas faded away.

It was just him, and the sea, and the blue blue sky, and the sand in our toes that mattered.

Do you hate having to face my friends?

Because I hate bumping in to yours so much

I’m sure they’re nice people and all

But what should I tell them? That “I’m great?

It’s been a painful journey since the day I left


What if we don’t have anything to talk about, but us two?

How we all used to hang, and laugh at ourselves?

I don’t know if they ever wondered what went wrong

With such a loving & oh-so-solid connection that we had.


They love you, and they like me too,

But we’ll never be able to be at the same place ever again,

All of us

They’ll never ask “Oh hey, when’s your partner coming

And seriously, what is up with you two?”


Maybe love got in the way

Little mishaps here and there that tore us apart

And we’re left with just your friends, and mine


It’s just sad, makes me doubt if I really miss you that much

But I sure miss us, I miss when there was you and me

Our togetherness, our chesmitry.

Well, I did see you months after the above poem was written

Nothing has changed, sparks still flew, and

It’s now confirmed, that I missed YOU.


November 2018 – May 2019

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