Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in God forgave you


I have been struggling a lot when reflecting God’s words on forgiveness

As a humble human being, I have sinned and of course,

people have also wronged against me.


I do not know if it’s wrath or pain that I sometimes feel

I can feel my veins get a little to obvious on my neck when I talked about what happened

My heart hurts when I see myself sobbing at the bus stop thinking about what happened

I want to go hide in some corner when certain names come up,


I have goosebumps, the bad kind when the phone rings or chirps,

I think it’s a phobia, I am scared of smartphones and computers,

They own some people, and it’s a tool some people utilise very well to own each other


We’re not anyone’s property

We’re a part of a team, a society, an organisation, this Earth, this Universe

Mother nature has been feeding us,

The Sun is shining upon us, it’s a new day,

Not too all, some are not that lucky when they’re dead INSIDE

It is the most dangerous kind.


We’re God’s children, and only He can judge us

“Forget the haters, ‘cus somebody loves you”

He is the only one that has the right to call us when time has come

Heaven or hell we’re going?

It’s his calling, not yours, or anyone’s


I do not wish to turn out petty, and selfish like some I’ve come to know

Complaining, revenging, and all kinds of mental and physical torturing

Where is the love?


Hence, I’m writing this down again

Since I can’t erase my past, which I wish not to dwell in,

I shall try my best to forgive:

  1. Who mistreated me
  2. Who was rude with me
  3. Who abused me verbally, and physically
  4. Who stole from me
  5. Who spread rumours about me
  6. Who abandoned me
  7. Who made me cry
  8. Who broke my heart
  9. Who took myself away from me
  10. Who doubted me
  11. Who insulted me
  12. Who put me to anxiety disorder
  13. and depression, respectively
  14. Who made me want to kill myself
  15. Myself, who was the core of all the problems I have ever had

But then, as I have said to myself countless times: NEVER AGAIN.


(Pictute: Celtic Cross in Irelant – Source: Wikipedia)

If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.







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