Happy birth-month to the Gemini of my life!

It’s finally the month of Geminis

It’s YOU

The most charming, the warmest, the weirdest of them all


(Source: http://www.izodiaque.com)

I like how you can be gentle and funny at times,

And nasty and annoying 5 seconds after that

When you talked in metaphors, and I replied with sarcasms,

I guess that was when I fell in love.


Only you could break a Cancer’s silence, I’ve figured

Only you knew when I had to “act tough”,

It was so easy to confide in you, whispering, “I’m tired”

And your arms would wrap around me, giving me warmth

And my every emotional roller coaster would be all catered to,

taken care of.

Be it a meal when I was unable to eat, or a back to lean on

You were always there for me,

Your “two faces” became one


I started seeing life in colours,

… when you were driving me against the sunlight shining that morning

Time froze, and all I knew was we’re together

Us two, against the world

I still long for that feeling, long after that exact moment

guy girl best friend.jpg

(Picture: https://thoughtcatalog.com/)

Your head is full of quirks,

and I could always tell that you care

There’s something in your eyes

It’s something in your voice

Making me so hooked, it’s become a little too haunting


You may think that I sound mean, and heartless

(Well, let’s be honest, Cancers are full of flaws)

But I was not, you got my intention dead wrong

I was actually asking for your attention.

… passive-aggressively

Something like:

Did you know I didn’t like it when you mentioned her?

Did you know my heart hurt too, after a year not seeing you?

Did you know I thought you’re super cute,

I had to watch a video during dinner to avoid looking directly at you?

Did you know that I’m allergic to everything, too?

(Not only her!)

And I needed you to be mindful of that?

(You can’t feed me shrimps, squids, or let me take antibiotics,

or encourage me to drink certain types of alcohol – or I’d burst into a chemical mess of flames)


You were the Cancer to my every other zodiac – utmost dedicating and caring

You were my home, my cosiness, my aroma-therapy,

You were my toothbrush-buyer, my rice-cooker

You were the bath-towel buddy that I never agreed to have

You were a chef that knew his “eater” needed to be fed sugar before every meal

You were my “stop working, take some rest” alarm

You were the only one on this planet who knew exactly what needed to be turned on, on television

You were the only one who knew what my “smirk” means

(Well, I’m not always a harsh critic, sometimes when I found you extremely hot, I smiled like that as well)

Well, all I want to say is,

Happy birth-month, my dearest!

I’m sure there won’t be anyone who is as dramatic as me to ruin your birthday

this year

I’m sure there won’t be anyone who is too quite, and anti-social to the point you start panicking

this year

Here or there, wherever you maybe

I wish you a very happy birth month, alright?

Be well, be a survivor and the sweetheart that I know you are,

Who always said “cảm ơn” in silence, when someone did something nice to you!

I love that

See, I can be nice with you as well?

Didn’t I write you, yet another piece of sentimental art to celebrate your silliness another year?

Rain or shine, I’m still the same,

And I hope you keep all your words,

and the way you looked at me

And I need you to be healthy and well,

Your cholesterol within a healthy range, you’re not in your prime anymore

I presume?

Now that was mean, but whatever


Well, that’s all I need.

May Heaven smille on you, my once everything warm and safe in this Universe.

You’ll always stay my bestfriend,

in this life and the next.

I’m grateful that I have found you.


To all the countries we’ve been to

To all the chicken wings we’ve eaten

(and bacon, and sausages… all the nasty good food that we both love)

To all the Startbucks matcha fusion espresso you bought me

To all the 8-hr of sleep only you could give me when I was in despair

Thanks, babe!

Never really over – Katy Perry


After knowing you for 4 years, I know that I can safely say

No one knows me better than you do.


SGN – 3 June 2019

Do you hear Katy Perry singing

Two years, and just like that
My head still takes me back
Thought it was done, but I
Guess it’s never really over
Oh, we were such a mess
But wasn’t it the best?

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