I’d hate it if we are stuck in quarantine together

I’m wondering how you’re doing

Looking at your smiling face in a photo that someone took

I’m wondering if you’re wondering how I’m doing

Admist this time of madness, how my life would look.

Stumbling upon the life that we had lost,

I see two strangers in the text chain of a few lines,

Of you politely asking me how I’m doing,

Of me replying in vain, “and yourself”?

I see the ornament you got, for the Christmas tree we never bought.

I see the books you knew I’d love, with your inscriptions in the front pages.

Of you saying “You’re Rapunzel to my Flynn”, and “You’re Hermione to my Ron”,

Of you saying “I love you so much, you’re my everything”.

The sight is familar, but the feelings aren’t the same.

I’m glad that we never tried too hard

holding onto the misery that was never going to pass.

Strangers again

(Photo credit: gramho.com)

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