Have you ever wondered yourself, “is this the end”?

The end to a family bond, the end to a friendship, the end to a love story?

The feeling creeps on you to the core, haunts you in every wave length,

and shakes you day and night?

You start hearing voices, from Angels, saying to you,

“This is destructive, this is suffering, please bail”.

When you’re about to die a little inside,

They’re there,

pulling you up with both arms,

Give you the lights you were longing for, handing you a shield,

Saying “A delicate soul like yours, it shouldn’t crash,

Don’t you remember something you once read,

Every misery starts from breaking boundaries,

and taking over other people’s responsibilities?”.

The Guidance Angels, the Philosophers, the Therapists,

They’re all here –

those sent to you solely to help,

those sent to you solely to soothe,

those who can hear the sound of dripping blood from your wounds in vast silence,

those who help put the bandage on.

They’re there,

to end things,

and to possibly lead you to a beginning.

“Cry out loud, one last time my precious child,

Dream the last nightmare, pour your heart into bleeding words,

But I want you to know, Eden is in front, to your right,

Gather yourself together, walk with us towards the shining stars,

And you’ll be fine”.

I’ve been seeing number 77 repeatedly for years now,

and I know you’re there, always reminding me to take care of myself.

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