A pandemic kind of marriage

This summer of a pandemic, what was I even hoping for?

Sunbeams brushing through my hair, bathing in a forrest-

Winds blowing out of a sudden, like one of those movies,

a hand to hold?

You’d come up, and I’d say hi?

A dream of having someone, THE one,

walking together past the fields of my bleeding wounds,

on this hell of a shattered Earth,

soulmate next to soulmate, the power of TWO?

And into the fall, I’d pack my baggages,

of my vintage, patchy clothings,

tears, joys, compassion,

memories and ever-unyielding passions that I wanted to lose,

“If this doesn’t work, am I finally done?”

Am I crazy to ever want to wear a pearly white puffy dress,

standing next to you in a chapel of our first-

First kiss, our first dance

First hands intertwining, you breathing on my neck

First healing, our first and (hopefully) last love in this life time and the next

First ever-after, happiness with a capital H,

that’s your initial, if I may add

-smiling ear to ear.

The long 9 to 5s we both dread, early mornings, and restless midnights

will finally come to end.

You’re here, that’s all I know,

Saying words, doing things that are forever truthful,

Guiding this lone wolf upstream, to the togetherness

I’m no longer alone.

We’d move to a humble room in the ancient town,

in a land so close to my heart, yet I never knew existed.

Ordering furniture and home appliances online

because we both hate shopping in-stores,

planning for a home, a house, with our pets and kids,

maybe a couple of plants that I wouldn’t be able to kill,

A cactus, a plastic oak tree?

to last this greying young love…

But to all seriousness, thank you for doing life with this lone girl,

who has been giving up on love, and hopes,

And Jesus Christ!

In a middle of a pandemic, countries at war-zones,

when people expect nothing less than a breathing moment,

The wind doesn’t even have to blow out of a sudden,

We got married?

Is this what Barack Obama once said when he won the race,

“Magic bean, baby, magic beans”

Hanoi, December 29, 2020

-I got married in December 2, 2020

to the love of my life whom I came to know in the pandemic.

Us walking in Hanoi town

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