It’s still June 21 somewhere else

4 years older, do you still laugh at the same old jokes?

4 years further, are you still in for the emotional roller coaster rides?

4 years of this deadly distance, are you still able to read between the lines?

4 years frozen, did time stand still where we left off for you too?

4 years wiser, are you still the same man I used to know?

a day late for me to gather myself from this chaotic nostalgia

a day late to reminisce the days in the sun, passing oceans

a day late just to wish I could run my hand through your hair,

one more time, and that’s it!

a day late to wonder if you still have the ants problem,

’cause now I do.

a day late to imagine that we’re still eating takeouts late in the nights,

the footsteps with night slippers I could still hear with headphones on

the singlets you must have kept from decades ago I could still feel the worn out fabrics

silly little things

silly little memories

to remind me we used to exist,

and you still probably do,

’cause I don’t.

happy birthday!

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