Catching up

Hello stranger, how’s life treating you?

It’s been a while since we last talked

Feels like forever I haven’t heard from you

You still seem to sound like how you did,

Probably smell the same way too

Years have passed, you’re still at the back of my head

I close my eyes and we’re back at it again

“This person is so fascinating; I can’t stop texting them”

I remember the flights we took and missed

Just to see each other and talk,

We were always with someone else,

But we did get to tell each other how we suddenly felt –

Didn’t we?

I saw you when the first sunlight hit,

When everything fell apart, you were all I got,

You were the last voice I played deep into the night

You sent over some candle and a hand-written card for Christmas,

I brought over anything cuddly from a local Starbucks,

Not to forget,

The lavender tea you got to help me sleep,

Mid-day triple shot latte at the café near the train station,

Lunches you were rushing to be back at work by 1pm

Those polaroid pictures of us, I still have somewhere.

The memories are still there –

I don’t plan to forget any.

I hope you’re well, not just “surviving”,

I hope to see you when winter comes,

We’re in layers, starting to grey,

Sitting next to the windows in my new found café up North,

Just you and I.

For ZC,

I’m so glad we never took anything further.

(Source: Canadian art junkie)


October 2021

Rosie Dao

Someone used to sing this song over the phone to me, drunken, I suppose – and it’s very likely it was you

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